Something old, something new

typewriter-and-laptopFor anyone that is interested, I am changing employers and starting a new role in early July.  Obviously I think this is a good move for me, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it.

I have felt conflicted in talking about many issues because of the potential for conflict with my employer’s position.  In a pre-sales role it doesn’t look good to be critical of a product you are later trying to sell, and a recurring theme for this blog is that process decisions are often more important than technology decisions.

My new role brings with it a change in conflict.  I am less constrained in referring to specific product market segments, but  I will be very restricted in discussing anything that relates to the company.

So this change brings different conflict, maybe not less, but not the same.

I feel comfortable starting to post again, as I am able to share my opinions on technology and its uses more freely.  However, anything I say will be my personal opinion.

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